Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers report temperature and humidity data. Logged data indicates– monitor, record, and whether the temperature and/or humidity critical product has been stored within pre-set limits or not, as well as a detailed statistical information ‘picture’ of the  time monitored.

COMPANY PROFILE Reports can be printed and/or saved as PDF format documents for future reference or electronic transfers; for example, as an attachment with email message.

The Temprecord Active Display Real-time Monitoring System monitors temperature, humidity, room pressure differential,power failure and door opening information as it happens, then sends out a warning enabling action to be taken in a timely manner to preserve critical items.

This is a fully automated monitoring, warning and reporting system requiring minimal human input, saving time and money as well as reducing the potential forhuman error.

Temprecord have developed a traceable validated system for transporting temperature critical product at set temperature parameters in order to maintain the integrity of the product on arrival.

A calculator based on the required parameters is built into software,based on traceable and validated tests performed in our laboratory.

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"....Now with a wealth of experiencein food processing technology and temperature and humidity monitoring, Temprecord International Ltd supplies ....."

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